Web Design / March 10, 2015

Design and web designers

Web design is a unique discipline, and requires detailed knowledge not only of design principles. A graphic designer or design specialist ‘website designer’ is the only person with the expertise to construct the right website design for you. Webpage design differs from traditional forms of design in that the designer needs specific knowledge of both aesthetics and the intricacies of developing front-end code.

Web design designers need to be prepared to work with the unique constraints of coding for the web, so that they can translate your specifications and ideas, combined with their awareness of design principles to the screen. Here is where the merge of design and technology come onto play. Every designer needs to be well acquainted with their area of expertise, but none more so than the specialist web designer.

Website design places a special emphasis on form fitting function, which is familiar to all designers, but becomes more complex in the web arena as webpage designs need to be made to be responsive to many different forms of hardware, web browsers and different audiences.

The specialist web designer will build a website for you that is visually appealing, logically laid out and is functional in terms of information transferal, interactivity or customer engagement. This can only be achieved through skilled use of coding languages and detailed management of the entire product.
The specialist will be able to work with the restrictions related to the form to create something that is truly unique and meets your business’s needs. The web design created will also be flexible enough to accommodate the inevitable growth of your business, as well as the changing nature of the way people view your site.

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