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Web Marketing

Daronet was founded on the pretense that content was simply there to support technology. We quickly realised the flaws in such ideologies and set-out to create a web design company that used content as a powerful marketing tool.

The internet is widely available to everyone (it is the ‘world wide web’ after all), so with that in mind it’s imperative that businesses capitalize on its marketing potential to reach a multitude of consumers. The first era of the internet focused on its technological prospects, nowadays the focus has switched to its content, especially where business and marketing are concerned.

Daronet Australia was founded on that principle. To this day we’ve led the way in Web Marketing and have helped a many number of businesses establish an online presence. Using our expertise in SEO (search engine optimization), SMM (social media marketing) and Google Adwords we can help steer your content to the top of those search engine results pages and get people talking about you on Facebook and Twitter!

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Daronet Australia’s Philosophy

Daronet Australia has a certain outlook when it comes to web content compared to many companies, which enables us to provide a large variety of content solutions. We specialise in creating solutions that are suitable for the objectives and needs of our clients. Clients are matched up with our content experts according to specific requirements and personalities, directed by a project manager.

Daronet Australia’s perception of web content comes from the wider perspective that web content can act as an influence on economic and business growth. According to that belief, we provide our clients with a wide range of content solutions that result in clear progress. We give our clients the option to choose any combination of the services we provide.

Our services comprise: professional content management, content editing with a focus on optimization, site marketing and search engine optimization, web 2.0 solutions such as blog administration and viral marketing, content production, writing, public relations and more.

Our growing number of clients is built of organisations from various sects, all of them seeking to improve themselves by adding content to their sites.

Daronet Australia has many web solutions which can be tailored to many business sizes, from small to large corporations. Our services are backed by a great and professional team of designers, artists, managers who are committed to providing leading marketing solutions. We are not just about a quick fix with regards to your marketing campaign. That is why our campaigns are carried out with the long term future in mind. We know your company image and brand is important, it is our focus to bring that out and convey it effectively and efficiently using our advertising expertise.

Our Solutions for YOU

Daronet Australia was established with awareness as to the importance of web content. This awareness provides the company with the highest professional standards. Our content specialists are experienced and able to provide all the solutions we provide.

The company was founded by Effi Shwintarsky, who is knowledgeable in both large-scale content projects online and the virtual world as a whole.

In the ever-changing world of the Internet, we believe that investing in content will help your company prosper, both online and in the business world. We would be happy to further discuss our view on the subject in a meeting.


PPC is an online advertising system in which you can bid a price per keyword that is relevant to your industry, and your organisation!

  • Select Keywords
  • Create advertisements (limited words)
  • Prepare dedicated landing pages
  • Monitor the campaign, and optimise it in real time
  • Help you install time and date limit parameters
  • Assist with ‘click strategy’

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